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Instruction in SWIMMING and GYMNASTICS
Ages 3 months and older



This is a special week when we invite parents to join their child(ren) in the gym.  The equipment will be set up in a circuit and parents will walk around with their child(ren) to see all the new skills they have learned.  Don't worry, we won't ask you to do forward rolls or other gymnastics skills. However, you can feel free to participate in our circle-time stretching exercises if you wish.  Since this is a special time for gymnasts, this activity is limited to STUDENTS IN CLASS AND THEIR PARENT(S) ONLY (or guardian 18 yrs. or older).  If a parent is unable to participate, the instructor(s) will have your child partner up with another child or family.  Sorry, instructors will not be able to fill in for a parent.  Mark your calendars and hope to see you in the gym.


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