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Instruction in SWIMMING and GYMNASTICS
Ages 3 months and older

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January - March Swim Schedule Now Available!

We have updated of few of our standard operating procedures and we are very excited to share them with you!


  • Our new student/instructor ratio will be an average of 4 students to 1 instructor.  It will allow instructors to give more individualized attention to each student throughout class, resulting in higher proficiency. 
  • Our required skills have been updated to include more safety skills (e.g. jumping unassisted into deep water and recovering to the wall) .

Class Schedules

  • Our swim lesson schedules will be released one (1) session at a time - six (6) weeks prior to the session start date. This will help us plan our class schedules to best fit our current students and their needs. 
  • Classes will now be separated into individual levels (e.g. Skipper OR Clipper, not Skipper/Clipper).  This will enable our instructors to tailor lessons more specifically to each child’s needs and every child will receive the attention they need to progress through each swim level in a timely manner.
  • Our classes will now be 30 minutes long.  Our lower ratio will provide more instruction time in pool for every student.  Separating levels of instruction allows instructors to focus on a set of skills at one level, ultimately resulting in more efficiency in each class.   This will also create a more convenient schedule for parents, and allow for more class offerings in the future! (There will be time slots where more than 1 class is offered, however, those classes will be completely separate with separate instructors.)

Registration & Parent Portal

  • For you convenience, you will be able to register and pay* your tuition for any swim class online from the comfort of your home!  By going to www.kidsbodyshop.com/parent-portal  you will be able to easily register for our upcoming swim sessions.

* Keep in mind that if you save your credit card information on your account, and you have a balance due on your account as of the 24th of the month, your card will automatically be drafted on that date.  If you do not want your card automatically drafted on the 24th, please don't save it to your account.

  • Registration will OPEN three (3) weeks prior to upcoming session start dates and will END two (2) weeks after each session's start date.  Registration for the January -March swim sessions will begin on December 11, 2017 and end two (2) weeks after each start date.
  • You can now check your child's progress online at any time by logging in to our parent portal!  Under the parent portal evaluations tab, you can check each child's current skill level.  Each required skill will be rated with 1 to 3 stars to show you exactly how your swimmer is progressing.




If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our new                                                                                   Aquatics Director, Lauryn, at Lauryn.KBS@gmail.com


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