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Instruction in SWIMMING and GYMNASTICS
Ages 3 months and older

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KiDS body shop ~ Gymnastics Bounce & Bubbles

This 90-minute class is designed to utilize the pool (30 min.) and gym (55 min.).  Swimmers will work on Submarine and Motor Boat skills each week (according to age and ability), followed by water exploration time.  Gymnasts will follow leson plans according to their skill level according to age and ability.  For those students who swim first and then enter the gym, they should go into the gym in their swim suit.  If you would like to have your child change before entering the gym, you will need to take your child out of the pool during their play time to change.  Adults may view class through our viewing windows in the lobby. Once your child is comfortable in our gym/pool situation, you may feel free to leave the facility and return after class to pick him/her up (you must remain in the facility if you would like your child to change out of his/her swimsuit before entering the gym). Our instructors are in charge of transferring the children from one area to the other. If you do choose to leave the facility, please inform your child to wait with his or her teacher until you return. There is a sign-out sheet located at the front desk for parents to leave an emergency phone number. Please be aware that the windows will be covered on special occasions under our School-Year Gymnastics schedule, i.e., skill checking and Open House practices. So that our students are not distracted during these special classes, parents will not be permitted to enter the gym to view classes. 
A child may enroll in Bounce & Bubbles 2 weeks prior to turning 3 years of age, be capable of following simple instructions, and be fully potty trained. 


Below is the form required to register for gymnastics classes. Please download, print, and fill out the registration form and mail or drop it off with payment to KiDS body shop during regular office hours (office hours can be found on our home page). Please be sure to call for class availability.

Gymnastics Registration Form
This file contains the form needed to register for all gymnastics classes.

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