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Instruction in SWIMMING and GYMNASTICS
Ages 3 months and older

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KiDS body shop ~ Gymnastics Fractions-In-Action

What is a Fraction-In-Action?  No, they're not math facts or even numbers at all.  They are the youngest part of the KiDS body shop preschool program.  Fractions-In-Action are children 18-36 months who come into our gym with mom and/or dad for a fun-filled 40 minutes/week.  Our Fractions classes are child directed.  Children choose what, when and how to do the activities within the environment the teachers create each week.  Our program is unique in that it includes activities in many aspects of physical education: ball handling skills, locomotor skill development, creative movement, and educational gymnastics skills.  Interaction with other toddlers is also introduced.  All of this is done with mom or dad close at hand.  We do have a few suggestions to make your time together more enjoyable.  Due to different maturity levels of the children, we do not expect all children to have the same attention span.   If your child is not interested in an activity and moves on to the next activity, it's okay, just be sure mom or dad is with them.  If they need to get a drink, or a diaper change, please feel free to leave the class and return when ready.

Since this is a time designed especially for you and your child, all siblings will need to view class from our lobby area (with the exception of an infant in a back pack or infant seat).  We enforce this rule for the welfare of all.  Fractions may enroll in a Twister class 2 weeks prior to their 3rd birthday if they are fully potty trained.


Below is the form required to register for gymnastics classes. Please download, print, and fill out the registration form and mail or drop it off with payment to KiDS body shop during regular office hours (office hours can be found on our home page). Please be sure to call for class availability.

Gymnastics Registration Form
This file contains the form needed to register for all gymnastics classes.

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