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KiDS body shop ~ Parent/Customer Portal

Welcome to Parent Portal!


What is Parent/Customer Portal? 

Parent Portal is the online account management system you have been asking for!  Parent Portal will give you access to view your current enrollments, update personal information, make online payments, and sign up for automatic withdrawals.  In addition to all that, Parent Portal is the platform for our online swimming registration process.  Unfortunately, at this time online gymnastics registration is not possible.  But don't worry - you can still register at our front counter for any available class!

How does it work?

It's simple!  Click the big blue button on this page.  If you have a child that has taken classes with us in the past, you already have an account waiting for you.  All you have to do is click on "Forgot Password" under the login, and enter the e-mail address you have on file with us.  That's the e-mail address where you receive all of our e-mails.  Then just create a new password by following the instructions sent to your e-mail.

If you have never had a child take a gymnastics or swimming class at KiDS body shop or Omega Gymnastics, then you'll need to create an account.  It's quick and easy.  But please do not use this option if you have any children that have been here in the past.  If you've simply forgotten what e-mail is on file with us, give us a call instead.

Once you've logged in and accepted our policies, you are ready to enroll!

There's so much that you can do from Parent Portal.  You can register new students.  You can sign them up for classes.  You can review your account and payment history.  You can reread our policies.  You can pay for your classes using a credit card!  To sign up for automatic payments save your credit card information on your account.  Any balance due on your account as of the 24th of the month, will be automatically drafted from your card on that date.  If you don't want your card automatically drafted on the 24th, please don't save it to your account.

You've enrolled, you've paid, now what?

You should recieve an e-mail letting you know that Parent Portal processed your registration.  If you have any questions about what your children are registered for, just check out the "Enrollments" tab.  If you're interested in knowing what skills your child has been evaluated on, check out the "Evaluations" tab.  That will tell you not only what they've been evaluated on, but what skills they're working on.

What is this "Registration 2018" that's showing up in my cart when I try to register?

That is the anual registration fee we mentioned in our policies.  If it's showing up in your cart it means that either you are enrolling a student who is new to our program, and thus hasn't paid it before, or it's been a year since the last time you paid it.  If you're registering a returning student, and you think it's been less than a year since the last time you paid please give us a call.  Or you can check out your payment history, right there on Parent Portal.

Why does it say "(Request)" next to the class name when I try and register?

There are 2 reasons it might put through a request to enroll rather than just automatically enrolling your child.  First, the class could be full.  Parent Portal is set up to allow you to request a full class.  This is the equivalent of our current wait list option.  Second, your child might not be within the parameters we have set on the class.  This doesn't mean that your child won't be accepted into the class.  It just means we need to take a look at your enrollment and make sure your child is going into the correct class.

Why is my total $0?

That's because for one of the reasons listed above, you are submitting a request instead of enrolling your child.  Once we have a chance to look over your request you'll get an email letting you know whether or not your child was enrolled in the class.  If they were, then you can log back into Parent Portal and pay for your class.  If you're requesting a spot in a full class, then keep in mind that your request may not be processed right away.

That's great, but how do I actually register for classes?

So once you log in you're going to see a list of our available swim classes.  You can scroll through that list if you'd like, or if you know what class you're looking for then click on the "Level" option in the Class Filter section at the top of the page.  You'll see a lot of levels listed.  You're looking for the ones that start with "Swim-" (Swim - Submarine, Swim - Motor Boat, Swim - Skipper, Swim - Clipper).  The other levels have to do with our gymnastics program, which is not yet up and running on Parent Portal.

Decide which class you would like, and click the "Enroll Now" button.  If you have more than one child, select which child you would like to enroll.  You don't need to worry about the session, since we're only posting one session at a time.  If there's anything specific about that enrollment you need us to know, there's a spot to leave us a note.  Then click "Continue Enrollment".  This will bring you to a summary page for the information you just entered.  Check to make sure it's all correct and click "Add to Cart".  If it's not correct then click the "Back" button to edit it.

Once you've added all your enrollments to your cart, then you're ready to "Proceed to Checkout".  This is where you will get to see the total amount you will need to pay to register your child(ren).  You can still remove classes from your cart at this point if you've changed your mind.  When you're ready, click the "Continue" button.

Enter your credit/debit card informations, pay for your classes, and you are all set!  Remember, don't save your card information unless you want to sign up for automatic drafts.

What if I still want to register in person with a paper form?

That's okay too.  While our preferred method of enrollment is via Parent Portal, if you would like to fill out a paper form and bring it to us you are welcome to do so.  At this time we are only accepting credit card payments through Parent Portal for our Swim Program.  Keep in mind that there is a separate waiver that you will need to read, initial, and sign.  You will also need to read and sign off on our policies.  All of this paperwork will be available online, or at our front desk.

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