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Instruction in SWIMMING and GYMNASTICS
Ages 3 months and older




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KiDS body shop ~ Swimming


Ages 3 months through approximately 9 years of age.  Private lessons are also available (contact kidsgymswim@gmail.com for information).  The main objective of KiDS body shop's aquatic program is to make each student "water-safe". Students will develop a respect for the water as well as learn to enjoy the water to its fullest. Our pool is 18 by 36 feet and 16 inches to 4 feet deep with an average water temperature of 87 degrees. It is not designed for diving or advanced stroking skills. We have dressing rooms, restrooms and showers. Parents view classes from our air conditioned lobby.   

Session Schedule
Session 6 Swim ends Oct. 29th
Registration is in Progress!


Tiny Toots
A Tiny Toot is a child between the ages of 3 months and 36 months that brings his/her parent(s) into our "Waterproofing Department".  MORE INFORMATION

A Submarine is a child at least 3* years of age and potty-trained that we teach to "submerge". They come to class WITHOUT Mom or Dad, and work on Level 1 skills.
*  A child younger than 3 yrs. must have teacher recommendation to enter this class.  MORE INFORMATION
The Motor Boats will work on the Level 2 skills as well as continuing to focus on water safety.  MORE INFORMATION
Level 3.  These swimmers have successfully passed Levels 1 and 2 skills, however, still need to refine their skills before entering  MORE INFORMATION
Level 4.  Our most advanced water safety class for students who have passed Levels 1, 2 & 3.  MORE INFORMATION

Registration & Customer Portal

For your convenience, you will be able to register and pay* your tuition for any swim class online from the comfort of your home!  By going to www.kidsbodyshop.com/customer-portal  you will be able to easily register for our upcoming swim sessions.

* Keep in mind that if you save your credit card information on your account, and you have a balance due on your account as of the 24th of the month, your card will automatically be drafted on that date.  If you do not want your card automatically drafted on the 24th, please don't save it to your account.

You can now check your child's progress online at any time by logging in to our parent portal!  Under the parent portal evaluations tab, you can check each child's current skill level.  Each required skill will be rated with 1 to 3 stars to show you exactly how your swimmer is progressing.


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