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Instruction in GYMNASTICS
Ages 18 months and older




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Omaha Gymnastics Academy ~ Gymnastics 1st Grade & Older


  • Beginner Classes - Boys and Girls

These classes are designed for students with little or no gymnastics experience. Classes are an hour in length each week. Students will learn sequential skill progression basics on all the Olympic events under the guidelines of the USA and Xcel programs. The boys’ program will provide introduction to the Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and the High Bar. In the girls’ program, gymnasts will be introduced to the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and the Floor Exercise. These programs are based on individual skills taught through the proper progressions and techniques. As students work on skills for the various levels, they will also become familiar with gymnastics terminology. As a student demonstrates the ability to perform specific skills, they will be moved to a more advanced skill.

  • Intermediate Classes - Boys & Girls

These classes are for gymnasts who have mastered the basic skills taught in the beginner classes and who are ready to train on a more advanced skill level. Though these classes are still taught under our “recreational program”, gymnast will be afforded the option of learning skills and routines needed to compete.  Boys’ Intermediate classes are one hour each week. The Girls Intermediate classes are one or one and half hours in length.

  • Advanced Classes - Boys & Girls

Advanced classes meet once a week for one and a half hours for gymnasts who have mastered skills under the intermediate program. Like the intermediate classes, girls are afforded the option of competing.

  • Beginner Uneven Bar Class

We offer a half hour class for those students that are interested in improving their bar skills. Uneven Bar skills seems to be the area where most gymnasts struggle to move forward. This is a great class to get extra time on that event. You have to be already enrolled in a beginner level recreational class to take advantage of this great class. Classes are a half hour in length.


OGA offers tumbling and trampoline classes for beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These classes are very popular and fill up fast. Boys and girls are combined in these classes and work specifically on floor, tumble track, double-mini and trampoline skills. This is a great class for students who may not desire the full spectrum of gymnastics drills and skills. It is also a great class to complement a recreational class, or for any student who wishes to strengthen their basic tumbling skills.

OPEN WORKOUTS - OGA Members OR Non-members (1ST GRADE through 18 YEARS OF AGE)

Through the school year we offer an open workout time to allow our members or non-members the opportunity to have more time on the events, if they so desire, or to come in and just “play” on the equipment. Each open workout is one and a half hours. We staff the open workout with two or three instructors. It is not a structured class and the student will need to ask for assistance with skills. Parents are not allowed in the gym but are free to watch in our viewing area.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020:  Open Workout fees are $7/workout for OGA members; non-members $10/workout
Purchase punch tickets (10 workouts +1 free, $50) through December 30th at 2019 prices (must have current registration)


(Check this website for holidays or other closings)

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